A message from the Artistic & Executive Director, Armineh Keshishian

A particular facet of the Middle Eastern spectacles that Evolution Dance Theatre presents is its dedication to “Women’s Empowerment”. The globalization of the female movement to take charge of their bodies, emotions and lives is an enormous step to enlightenment.

Belly dance has brought women from all walks of life, shapes, ages, religions and cultures together and we all have embraced the power that is contained in this dance form. You can ask anyone who has danced this dance or taken dance classes of this form, about what they feel and you will find that unanimously we all agree that this dance has changed our lives in a very positive way.

At Evolution Dance Theatre we bring Middle Eastern spectacles that emphasize and focus on our similarities rather than our differences. Belly dance as part of a dance genre in our shows, unites all of us as one human race. It is for these reasons that I invite you to be part of this movement to create a ripple effect.

Please donate to support our cause and help us to continue making high caliber Middle Eastern shows. The funds will cover artist’s fees and the general production of the shows. Your donations are much appreciated and we welcome any amount. If you are considering a substantial amount of donation please contact us.

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