Armineh Bio

Armineh Keshishian artistic & executive director of Evolution Dance Theatre and founder of Awareness Unlimited Productions brings the discipline and skills she practices daily in her professional life as a Certified Financial Planner to her role as the visionary behind these productions.

Keshishian created Awareness Unlimited Productions in 2003 to produce shows using dance, music and storytelling to enrich the senses, using a multidisciplinary approach to celebrate life where it unfolds on stage.

Speaking about the inspiration behind Evolution Dance Theatre and its unique, Middle Eastern-themed productions, Armineh says “my work is influenced by the context of my upbringing: the fact I was born Christian and raised in a Muslim country. This has given me an insight into these two different worlds, of what is allowed and what is not. The stories are influenced by the fact that my mother was an independent woman who encouraged me to have a higher education and be financially independent, and yet she, herself was a woman of tradition. Because I did not want to follow the traditional rules and regulations as a socially obliging Middle Eastern girl I went on to find my path as an artist and as a woman who can express herself.”

For Armineh Keshishian, dance is an outlet that has allowed her to celebrate her life journey and foster greater understanding of complex cultural issues. Finding her way to the stage, Armineh’s passion for dance and performance began as a young child. Armineh has had an extensive performing and choreographic career, spanning more than twenty years. She has performed on the stage as a theatre actress starting in the 1980’s including “The Odd Couple” and she was the featured dancer at the Royal Ontario Museum opening exhibit of Egypt. She was also the featured performer in the 1999 and 2003 production of “Three Ladies of Baghdad” where story tellers told the story of 1001 Nights through interactive dance and performance.

Keshishian’s creativity began taking other forms and she started writing stories in the late 1990’s. Armineh has incorporated her creative skills with her financial knowledge and has committed herself to dance theatre.

“I like to express my body not in an isolated form as an individual expression but as a cultural awareness, a story or a history where I am connected to the world”.

Keshishian has created and produced a number of multidisciplinary and multimedia productions and she adds “By creating Evolution … of the Human Kind, my objective was to show the differences of power in its variations such as implied power vs. true power where the latter comes from within”. “And with behind the Veil “another creation, she adds “I approach the story as a current phenomenon with a reflection on the past”.