Follow_your_heart_out1A Middle Eastern love story of taboo and tradition An empowering and inspiring tale that tantalizes the senses.

Richmond Hill Centre

September 22 – 25 2016

A Middle Eastern spectacle, a rich and colourful display of Middle Eastern culture 

With its spectacular costumes, special effects and stunning dance ranging from traditional belly dance to hip hop, “Follow Your Heart” is a must-see experience that demonstrates the power of dance and storytelling to entertain, educate and inspire. The story takes the audience on a wondrous journey into the human spirit and transports them to a different world; a world that is so mysterious to many.


“Here’s How to Put on a Show”
-Toronto Star

Evolution Dance Theatre brings dance and drama to the stage with stories that resonate deep within the Middle Eastern community and connect across cultures with their universal appeal.  Please join us for our next show in Toronto, “Follow Your Heart” the most exciting Middle Eastern inspired dance theatre production to date.
Evolution Dance Theatre is a not-for-profit company that develops, promotes and performs original Middle Eastern-inspired multimedia and multidisciplinary spectacles to both entertain and provide dialogue on social, spiritual and humanistic themes.  The company is committed to producing unique, one-of-a-kind performances which are visceral, visually captivating and have broad universal appeal.
We welcome and appreciate your resources; be it just to bringing your passion, your time, your energy, your talents or your financial support.

A Message from the Artistic Director, Armineh Keshishian

Follow your Heart
(and Passion will follow…
Joy will follow too!)
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next show ‘Follow your Heart’
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